Patches FAQs

It says 3 pack are they different sizes?

No they are all the same sizes in one pack. We have different patches for different areas Back, Knee, Neck. Universal patches are smaller so can be used on different areas.

Do you have a single patch I can use to see if it works?

Yes. We have the Trial pack which contains 1 patch 15cm x 5cm for use on area of pain.

Do the JointXcel patches heat up?

No they do not heat up. They work by reflecting infrared energy normally emitted by the body as heat back into the skin which encourages blood circulation.

Can you wear JointXcel patches in the shower or bath?

Yes the patch is fully waterproof.

Do they contain Ibuprofen as l am not allowed anti-inflammatory

No they do not contain Ibuprofen. They work naturally with your body and are medication free.

Are these reusable?

No they are not reusable as they are like a plaster. Once applied to the skin they can be used for up to 5 days.

Can these be put straight on to the skin? Other products you have to put onto clothes etc!

Yes, apply directly onto the skin ensuring that the skin is clean, dry and hair-free.

What is in these patches?

The patches are medication free. The surface of the patch is designed to reflect infrared energy naturally released by the body back into the skin (like a mirror) which stimulates blood circulation and inhibits pain.

Is this item self adhesive

Yes JointXcel patches are self adhesive and they are easy to apply and last for 5 days.

Can you use more than one patch on your back?

These patches are quite big. However if the pain is spread over a larger area it would be fine to use more than one patch. As this patch is medication free using more than one patch will not increase your risk of any side effects.

Can you sleep with it on?

Yes you can sleep with this on.

Will there be any residual glue on my body after using this patch for a long time?


After using this pain relief patch, will I feel itching on my body?

No the patch should not cause any itching. On rare occasions some users have reported itching and or redness. If this happens remove the plaster immediately.

These patches appear very expensive compared to other patches on the market.

JointXcel patches once applied last for up to 5 days compared to maximum of 24 hrs for other available patches. On a day to day comparison the cost of JointXcel patches are lower than many competitors and have the added convenience of not having to be applied as often.

Cream FAQs

What is JointXcel®  Joint Massage Cream?

JointXcel® Joint Massage Cream contains naturally-sourced active ingredients, which, when massaged into your joints, helps to maintain mobility and keep your joints in good working order.

This easy to apply cream uses exclusive Xsorb Technology to ensure that the cream is absorbed quickly, and is non-greasy and non-staining. The Xsorb Technology is designed for targeted massage surrounding the joints.

Where can I purchase JointXcel® Cream?

JointXcel® Joint Massage Cream is available from most retailers or online . If you cannot find JointXcel® at your favorite store, make sure to ask your pharmacist or store assistant to stock JointXcel®. It is carried by most wholesalers, many of whom will deliver to your store the next day.

Does JointXcel® Cream come in a different sizes?

JointXcel® Joint Massage Cream comes in a convenient 28g Travel-Size Tube and a larger 85g Tube. We will be launching more products in the range, so keep an eye out on your inbox for these new launches and special offers.

Can I use too much JointXcel® Cream?

For best results we recommend that you use the product twice a day (once in the morning and once in the evening usually works well for most people). However, if you need to use it more times in-between, please confirm with your healthcare practitioner beforehand. Please use as directed.

Does JointXcel® come in any other style container?

JointXcel® Joint Massage Cream comes in an easy-to-squeeze tube. We recommend storing the tube standing on the cap. Once opened, only minimal pressure is then required to dispense JointXcel® Joint Massage Cream.

How long, after the application, before I feel the effects of the product?

Everyone is different, however, the effect of massage and application of the cream will help to improve your flexibility and condition of your joints. You should feel the effects in the improvement of flexibility in your joints within approximately 5 to 20 minutes after their first application when used as directed. To experience the long-term improving benefits of JointXcel® Joint Massage Cream, continue to use JointXcel® Joint Massage Cream daily.

Does the product contain any aspirin or anti-inflammatories?

No. Please check with your healthcare practitioner before use.